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Most important source of data for this benchmark study was the interviews carried out in summer/early fall 2012 gastritis symptoms from alcohol discount ditropan 5 mg free shipping, as well as the written material and document received in connection with the interview. Summary of the Interviews Strategy and goals All the mentioned universities pay due attention to promotion and fostering innovation-related activities and technology transfer among their researchers and students. Gothenburg activities are focused on assessments of intellectual assets and their management from strategic point of view. Organisation and governance the universities have different approaches concerning governance and managing of innovation policy. In order to boost their innovation process and make it productive the universities either have special divisions dealing with support of innovation activities or cooperate with external ones. Oxford representatives emphasize the necessity of decentralization of activities for achieving operational effectiveness in innovation management. Generally, the organization of innovation activities at Konstanz can be described as decentralized. Substantial role in the innovation policy management plays Patent & invention management unit. Konstanz adapts its activities and strategies to national "the Excellence Initiatives", the Committee on Research is responsible for research profile. Co-operation partners In total all the universities underline the crucial role of collaborative work with different actors within innovation development and technology transfer processes, such kind of cooperation allows exchanging information, contacts on business, technology, research cooperation. Gothenburg University is an active partner of a number of organizations, contributing together to innovative system in Western Sweden. Research Service and External Relations ­ subdivision of the Research and Innovation Service deals with research and education networking. Oxford University has very strong links with professionals dealing with entrepreneurship within Oxford area. The University cooperates closely with local science park, providing all facilities for start-ups. The University maintains relations with its external target groups worldwide via the Executive Support Unit Communication and Marketing. Also, the University Board is connected with many enterprises at regional and national levels, links with industry representatives. The University cooperates also with banks, local and international investors & business angels through its Research and Development Office. Financial support at Konstanz is provided with use of money from "Excellence Initiative" and private sponsors; Konstanz sponsors also include private sponsors. Consulting, business support, incubation Gothenburg University works with skilled advisers who help researchers to reach market; they offer researchers such services as business development, patent strategies, financing, and assistance in company creation. Gothenburg University is also involved in long-term regional projects supporting research findings with commercial potential. Entrepreneurship education is available for students of all disciplines at Oxford but only as short workshops or training days. This demonstrates that Technology Transfer is valued activity and is something the staff should pursue. However, just mentioning Technology Transfer in the strategy is not enough but the university must have supporting activities for Technology Transfer as well as mechanisms to develop research finding into inventions and eventually innovations. Universities that are now regarded as "good examples" are typically those who started early. Tech transfer activities require investments by the university and it must be patience to wait for the results. In order to get noticeable impacts in Technology Transfer decent amount of cumulative research results, both basic and applied, is required. While the outcome is not always spin-offs or licensing agreements but technology or knowledge transfer in other ways. In Oxford and Gothenburg the collaborative research more regarded as a basis or source for the technology transfer rather than a part of it. It was also noted funding aspect: it is important to support and promote efficient exploitation of the research funding sources, not only finding ways for spin-off funding. Creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere and showing that the university values the exploitation of the research results is important Examples of good cases and success stories are valuable when promoting tech transfer. The need of educational support, for example entrepreneurship or business creation studies for non-business students and for researchers was recognized in all of the examined universities.

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Trade gastritis burning pain in back buy ditropan 5mg with mastercard, offers component-based regulatory reporting solutions on the cloud or as packaged software, including Validate. Risk Ident is a software development company that offers anti-fraud solutions to companies within the e-commerce, telecommunication and financial sector. Use cases include payment fraud, account takeovers, identity theft and fraud within consumer lending. Undisclosed amount in 3 rounds Latest undisclosed amount in Venture Capital funding in March 2016 Social Media! Scaled Risk is an innovative financial software vendor that unifies Big Data and in-memory analytics technologies to bring Investment Banks, Exchanges and leading financial institutions for scalable, flexible and realtime trading analytics and risk management. Scaled Risk solves the growing needs for smart data processing in the capital market industry by providing a Big Data and in-memory analytics platform that assures real-time historical and live trade data analytics. SecureKey is a leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. SecureKey enables next generation privacy-enhancing identity and authentication network for conveniently connecting people to critical online services using a digital credential they already have and trust. Securimate is the leading enterprise third-party management cloud solution that enables multinational companies to systematically onboard, manage, monitor, and audit their sales channel and supply chain participants. Signac works with financial institutions to stop rogue traders and other employees from engaging in activities that endanger our financial system. It was born from a joint venture between Palantir Technologies and Credit Suisse and the company blends its Silicon Valley roots and industry expertise to help banks strengthen employee supervision, reduce operational risk and make the financial system safer. John Dowdall, Managing Director Ashley Smith, Business Development Jeff Willems, Client Development Funding! The company provides an end-to-end platform that enables enterprises to derive real-time business intelligence and risk assessment from Blockchains and decentralized applications. It extracts the human intelligence from information assets and applies precise and consistent metadata to harmonize information and drive business decisions. SmartStream Technologies provides Transaction Lifecycle Management solutions and Managed Services to dramatically transform the middle and back-office operations of financial institutions. SmartStream delivers greater efficiency, automation and control to critical post trade operations. Used independently or as a suite of solutions and services, clients gain a lower cost-per-transaction whilst reducing operational risk, aiding compliance and improving customer service levels. Squirro is an advanced contextual intelligence and Insights solution that allows organizations to efficiently manage and unlock the hidden value within data. Starling is an applied behavioral sciences company using machine learning and network science to build "augmented management intelligence" tools. Its predictive behavioral analytics technology reveals the performance impact of relational trust dynamics within organizations. Its proprietary algorithms generate actionable insights, displayed through intuitive and customizable dashboards, allowing business leaders to drive improved performance and desired culture and to identify and mitigate behavior-related risks. Suade Labs produces technology aimed at the financial services industry to help comply with regulatory issues. It combines practical banking experience with legal and operational expertise while leveraging on academic research to create an optimized product offering. Sybenetix is the leading Enterprise Behavioural Analytics company working with hedge funds, banks and asset managers to systematically improve investment performance, risk and conduct management at the individual, team and company-wide level. Sysnet Global Solutions provides payment card industry, cyber security and compliance solutions that help businesses to improve security and acquiring organisations to reduce risk. It empowers businesses to be secure and compliant through award winning cybersecurity solutions and extraordinary services and support. Its Risk&Compliance solutions offer efficient ways for financial institution to navigate the complex regulatory landscape in order to remain focused on serving customers, creating innovative products and improving profitability Services! TheMarketsTrust is an innovative integrated solutions company, providing next-generation products for the financial industry together with expert consulting and solutions integration.

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The Alarm chronic gastritis food allergy generic ditropan 5mg with visa, Locksmith and Fire Sprinkler Program licenses several different disciplines within the alarm and locksmith Industry and ensures that all companies and individuals engaged in these activities are licensed as required and are in compliance with applicable rules. The Alarm, Locksmith and Fire Sprinkler Advisory Committee establishes rules and regulations for the licensure and practice of professionals. Staff also investigate complaints, conduct sting operations and perform job site inspections to verify licensed individuals are performing their duties according to adopted standards. Page 303 Information Services and technology this division supports the information technology needs of agency programs. Percentage of licensure applications completed within five days of initial receipt. Data in the table above shows a consistent decrease over time to injured or ill workers in the public sector workforce. The agency reviewed existing programs and evaluated methods to sustain each program through best practices. Structured fees to cover cost of programs in order to create a sustainable agency. Created efficiencies and savings in the licensing department by utilizing remote deposit system. Close 95 percent of licensure applications within five days of initial receipt and process 95 percent of invoice payments within three days of receipt. Ensure a state inspection backlog of less than 1 percent of boiler/pressure vessel assets 30 days past expiration of inspection certificate. Elevator, amusement ride and alternative fuels programs will ensure that inspectors have no routine inspections older than 90 days. Projects for implementation Develop services, programs, systems and networks that provide individuals with education, skill development, and improved access for employment and advancement in the labor market in order to achieve overall maximum sustainable economic growth. Participate in the development of statewide or industry-specific apprenticeship programs. Identify certifications and licenses available to individuals with a criminal record and provide training opportunities that allow these individuals the knowledge and skills to obtain a certificate and/or license and access resources for employment opportunities. Establish a Workplace and Employee Safety Council that provides information to the commissioner of labor on preventing injuries and illnesses, increasing awareness of health and safety issues among workers, and developing strategies to make the work environment safe and healthy. Collaborate with Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs and the Oklahoma Military Department to establish a workforce development division and a network of one-stop career centers that offer employment and training services and provide recruiting assistance to meet the needs of employers. Create a state youth safety initiative alliance with stakeholders to reduce and prevent workplace injuries, illness and fatalities by providing youths, educators and employers with information and access to resources on the most common hazards encountered by youth workers. Governance and administration the Commissioners of the Land Office was created by Congress pursuant to the Enabling Act. Part of its structure and the members of the board are established in the state constitution with later statutory references. The Land Office is headed by the secretary who is appointed by the governor and approved by the commission. The commission is chaired by the governor and members include the governor, lieutenant governor, state auditor and inspector, superintendent of education and the president of the board of agriculture. Page 308 the Commissioners of the Land Office have charge of the sale, rental, disposal and managing of the school lands and other public lands of the state, and of the funds and proceeds derived therefrom, under rules and regulations prescribed by the Legislature. Harry Birdwell currently serves as the secretary of the Commissioners of the Land Office. Secretary Birdwell was appointed in May 2011 and since his appointment his salary has been $130, 000. The financial services division provides accounting for the interagency, other agency minerals, gas marketing programs and human resource management. Capital asset management the capital asset management division evaluates projects and purchases as they relate to the overall mission of the agency. Annual budgets are set for Commercial Real Estate projects and soil conservation projects. Permanent trust assets ­ the value of the permanent trust fund investments reached the highest historical level at $2.

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Reyes gastritis eggs buy generic ditropan 5 mg line, Antonio, "Strategies of Legitimization in Political Discourse: From Words to Actions", Discourse & Society, Vol. These two organizations do not have decision power yet, but in 2008 and in 2012, they faced and solved a regional crisis. It is important to analyse the diplomatic relations between these three countries involved in the crisis of 2008 (Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela). However, the main attention is dedicated to the analysis of the situation in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Argentina faces a critical situation; first of all, there are no clear strategy to develop its defence sector. The country has planned a big strategy to modernize its armed forces, but it does not have sufficient funds for financing all its programs at the same time. Chile, called the Israel of South America, has a clear strategy to develop its defence sector and it has adequate funds for its acquisitions. Keywords: Military spending, defense industry, arms trade, international relations, strategy Resumen En Suramйrica se han planteado importantes reformas en el sector de la defensa en los ъltimos aсos y en algunos casos se han ejecutado. Estas dos organizaciones, si bien no tienen todavнa poder de decisiуn, han sido en las que los Estados se han enfrentado y resuelto las ъltimas crisis regionales. Por ejemplo, el ataque militar (raid) colombiano del 2008 en territorio ecuatoriano y el golpe de Estado en Paraguay en el 2012. De una parte, es importante observar las relaciones diplomбticas entre los tres paнses involucrados en la crisis del 2008 (Colombia, Ecuador y Venezuela). Sin embargo, la principal atenciуn se dedica al anбlisis de la situaciуn en Argentina, Brasil y Chile, puesto que tienen tres diferentes estrategias en el sector de la defensa. Argentina atraviesa una situaciуn crнtica caracterizada por una estrategia casi inexistente y fondos que permiten ъnicamente la supervivencia de sus Fuerzas Armadas. Brasil, por su parte, es una potencia econуmica que tiene una estrategia muy clara, pero no posee fondos suficientes para satisfacer todos sus programas de armamento. Palabras clave: Gasto militar, industria de defensa, comercio de armas, relaciones internacionales, estrategia Introducciуn Cuando imaginamos el sector de la defensa, pensamos en los centros de mando, en las armas, en los sistemas de armas y estrategias, como si estos elementos no tuviesen impacto sobre nuestra vida cotidiana. En general, todos los paнses financian este sector con impuestos o con la creaciуn de nueva deuda pъblica con consecuencias tales como una elevada deuda y tasaciуn y un dйficit en la balanza comercial, entre otras. Cuando se analiza el sector de la defensa, no se puede prescindir del estudio de la producciуn de armas y sistemas de armas. A pesar de ello, hablar de la industria militar no significa analizar simplemente las actividades de las sociedades que operan en un determinado sector econуmico. Suramйrica ha vivido una fase de desarrollo econуmico en los ъltimos 10 aсos, que ha permitido a muchos paнses de este continente comenzar nuevos programas para la modernizaciуn de su sector de la defensa y de esta forma actualizar las doctrinas de empleo de sus fuerzas armadas (International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2013). En la regiуn existen algunos puntos en comъn, entre los cuales cuatro son de interйs para este estudio. Segundo, las dictaduras fueron, en general, sanguinarias y con un elevado nъmero de desaparecidos, en particular, en Uruguay, Argentina y Chile. Por ъltimo, estas experiencias dejaron una herencia importante para considerar en la actualidad, particularmente, en el sector de la defensa. Por ejemplo, las Fuerzas Armadas en Argentina han sido malqueridas durante un largo tiempo por la poblaciуn. Segъn expertos de ese paнs, la experiencia madurada durante la pasada dictadura (1976 ­ 1982) tiene un gran impacto sobre el presente. Despuйs del fracaso en la guerra de las Malvinas, los dictadores fueron obligados a dejar el poder, por lo que la herencia econуmico ­ polнtica fue desastrosa. En 1983, Argentina era un paнs polнticamente aislado y con una situaciуn econуmica precaria. En breve plazo, la crisis econуmica, las huelgas y la inflaciуn rйcord, obligaron a los gobiernos, que necesitaban liquidez inmediata, a vender, o malvender, todo el complejo industrial de la defensa. El crac econуmico del 2001 fue producto de la incapacidad de los gobiernos democrбticos de manejar en modo claro la economнa del paнs. Actualmente, Argentina estб muy cerca de nuevo del fracaso econуmico, porque no ha reconstruido su tejido industrial y no tiene estrategias claras para el desarrollo.

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CheckRecipient is a next-generation email security technology to gastritis diet key proven ditropan 5mg prevent highly sensitive information being sent to the wrong people. CheckRecipient uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse historical email data and automatically identify anomalies and mistakes on outgoing emails which may result in inadvertent data loss. Civic is a free identity management service and an identity theft protection service that allows banks, financial institutions and other merchants to confirm the usage of social security numbers with the true owner of that number before creating new accounts. Due to ever-increasing regulatory pressure across the globe, financial institutions need to understand, report on and update documentation. ClauseMatch provides banks and businesses with an end-to-end document discovery, authoring, governance, analytics and search platform. Tom Glocer, Jason Boud, SparkLabs Global Ventures, Techstars, Paul Buitink Website! They allow its clients to handle regulatory content and gather regulatory intelligence easily by providing a common framework of templates, search, workflows, analytics and best practices. The solution identifies employee working processes in real time and pops up relevant regulation information, alerts in case of potential mistake and produces evidence to investigate compliance violations. Cognia helps organizations address some of their most pressing compliance, service-assurance and productivity challenges. Blockchain agnostic, the platform applies its algorithms and complex queries that structure data into clear actionable insights for clients and users, eliminating the need to dedicate major resources to compliance. Commcise is an integrated cloud-based Commission Management and Share-of-Wallet reporting solution built to meet the needs of Investment Managers. Commcise provides clients with an automated Reconciliation, Invoice Management, Commission Targeting, Broker Voting, Commission Management and Reporting solution. Its unique proprietary database of individuals, organisations and associated entities provides dynamic real-time insight into financial crime risks. ComplySci provides strategic governance, risk and compliance solutions to the financial services and professional services community. ComplySci focus is on data quality, its deep domain expertise and award winning "white glove" concierge service. Its solutions include a cloud based software solution that when combined with its advisory capabilities set its offering apart from competitors when it comes to regulatory filings, new transparency reporting standards and risk reporting. Contego is the only comprehensive risk scoring platform that can handle complex multi-source fraud detection and compliance checks at high speed. Contego helps clients reduce the risk of fraud and makes compliance checks and processes as frictionless as possible. Various Angel Investors, Cass Entrepreneurship Fund, Rainbow Seed Fun, the Angel CoFund Website! Continuity is a leading provider of RegTech solutions that automate compliance management for financial institutions of all sizes. By combining regulatory expertise and cloud technology, Continuity provides a proven way to reduce regulatory burden and mitigate compliance risk at a fraction of the cost. Its solutions are designed to automate all aspects of compliance management, from interpretation of regulatory issuances through intuitive task delegation, vendor management and board reporting Services! Michael Nicastro, Chief Executive Officer Jim Kisch, Chief Product Officer Alan Hurwitz, Chief Financial Officer Funding! Connecticut Innovations River Cities Capital Funds Trinity Capital Investment Website! Cordium is the leading global provider of regulatory compliance consulting, software and accounting and tax services to the asset management and securities industry. Its asset management and securities sector focus means Cordium always brings direct, relevant experience to advising its clients, helping them to meet their compliance and regulatory challenges and turning regulatory compliance into a must-have business advantage. Corlytics is making regulatory enforcement data a science and using advanced data science to predict, plan and transform the regulatory footprint of financial firms. Corlytics provide a forensic understanding of the root causes leading to regulatory fines and consequences for regulated financial firms. Corlytics aids regulated financial firms, regulators and their professional advisers in uncovering and predicting regulatory risk. CoVi Analytics makes compliance simple, reducing the cost of compliance and helping insurers make business decisions faster.

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By which methods or procedures can multiple disciplinary theories gastritis upper gi bleed purchase 5mg ditropan visa, models, frameworks and approachers be created? Also other terms like joining, uniting, integrating, pertaining and involving can be used in this connection. Combining is mainly utilized as a method towards multidisciplinarity in this article. The parts can be disciplines, constructs of different disciplines or constructs of one discipline or subdiscipline. Borrowing and blending are related to combining and can be utilized also in connection with combining (see. In any case, the utilization of combining, borrowing and blending presupposes the careful consideration of the nature of these concepts and the characteristics of theory formation in question (cf. Actually, combining, borrowing and blending may be performed within one discipline or as an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary action across the boundaries of different disciplines. Often a phenomenon of some discipline, subdiscipline or branch of subdiscipline is described by two or more models. Sometimes these models can be complementary so that the phenomenon can be better described by a model which is a combination of the original models. The required applications must be solved case by case as also in multiple disciplinary analyses generally. Illustrative studies concerning the utilization of multiple disciplinarity and its methods the four earlier empirical studies of marketing management (Lehtinen 2007 and 2011) are here used to illustrate the combining as a method towards multiple disciplinarity and multiple modelling in marketing. The main objectives of these studies were following: First, bringing forward the underlying idea and rationale for combining the mix (or parameter) marketing and relationship marketing approaches as well as the arguments explaining why they should be combined. The marketing mix and relationship marketing approaches have really been the major marketing approaches during last twenty five years. Second, outlining new frameworks in order to combine the essential and compatible elements of approaches. Third, studying empirically how well the opinions and actions of marketing directors mesh with the combinatorial frameworks. In all empirical studies (see Lehtinen 2011), both approaches were simultaneously used in almost all companies of the respondents of the three surveys. Relationship marketing approach appeared to be used slightly more often than the mix approach. The results also indicated that a clear majority of the respondents supported further integration or combining of the approaches in their companies and even generally. After completing the questionnaires all respondents got an opportunity to comment on marketing issues freely without any leading remarks. In all discussions several managers expressed their surprise that researchers could still debate the superiority of one approach over the other. The managers clearly thought that the researchers should concentrate on the analyses of combining the most used approaches, which they considered to be marketing mix and relationship marketing. Most managers hoped for the development of proper methods or models to combine approaches. The findings showed that most companies already applied both approaches at least in parallel. Many managers stated that their companies had used some kind of combination approach. Therefore, it can fill the gaps between the present theoretical approaches and practice. The managers also thought that the developed combining models would allow greater marketing efficiency and better results. The main results and conclusions concerning the coexistence of different approaches in the three wide secondary studies (Brodie et. The results of the case study (Lehtinen 2011) clearly supported the theoretical vision of the other studies. Therefore taken together all seven studies showed that some kind of combining was sought and already also used. All in all, the empirical results of studies including the comments of discussions strongly emphasized the utilization of at least two different approaches concerning marketing management. Actually, this can be interpreted also as a clear evidence in favor of multiple modelling and in this case even interdisciplinarity. The same evidence can be in fact seen in the gaps between practice and current theories though the gaps are also influenced by the undevelopment of concepts.


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  • Hypercalcemia, familial benign type 1
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Choose small portions of lean gastritis chronic nausea generic ditropan 2.5 mg with visa, high protein foods; fish, lean poultry and low or nonfat milk and/or yogurt. Choose healthy oils such as; fish oils, olive oil, flax, nuts, nut butters, and avocado instead of the unhealthy oils. And avoid fried foods, trans (hydrogenated oils) fatty acids, and highly heated oils. Drink plenty of water and calorie free beverages, flavored with natural foods such as orange, cucumber, lemon, lime slices. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association Volume 111, Issue 5, May 2011 reviewed "The Great Fat Debate: A Closer Look at the Controversy. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial and should be included in the diet at least twice weekly. Instead, we should intake "healthy" fats such as monounsaturated fats such as nuts, natural nut butters, seeds, avocado, tofu and olives as well as Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish, flax seeds, walnuts, and canola oil. Research on the mental health benefits of n-3 fatty acid supplementation have been done with intakes at 5 ­ 15, 000+ mgs/day. This large quantity is unlikely to be consistently consumed in a healthy whole food diet without additional supplementation. However, as with all supplements, it is always advisable to discuss the health benefits and safety concerns with your medical doctor. Utilize the exercise chart in this book to begin a regular exercise routine and check with your treating doctor before beginning any exercise program. Many times our body tricks us into thinking we are hungry when in fact we are simply thirsty. It is important to drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day And Other Supplements? Should we be taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement and if so, which one and how much? Since researchers can define and understand the role of only approximately 20% of the substances in our food supply, it is difficult to actually know what we are "supplementing. Similarly, calcium chews, (they taste like caramel candy) contain vitamin D & vitamin K to enhance the absorption of calcium. Supplement takers tend to be more health conscious and eat more whole foods and as a result, need supplements less. In general, large brand name supplement companies are more likely to have the nutrients in the bottle that is stated on the label. There is no mandatory government testing or controlled way to ensure product efficacy. Those of us with limited exposure to natural sunlight year 110 round, due to where we live and/or the kind of work we do, are at higher risk of obtaining adequate vitamin D. In addition, taking a 20-minute walk during the lunch hour is a great way to increase activity while getting a natural dose of vitamin D. There are some nutrient-drug interactions that may increase the need for added vitamin and mineral supplements. Psychotropic medications may have side effects of dry mouth, constipation, or increased appetite. Some may need to be taken with food or milk and may alter glucose and fat metabolism. Some examples are as follows: Geodon: avoid grapefruit juice with oral form; is to be taken with food. Risperdal may increase vitamin D metabolism and may require greater vitamin D intake. Phenothiazines may increase need for riboflavin, may decrease absorption of vitamin B-12. It is a depressant, causes instability to the brain chemistry and may trigger depressive and manic episodes. In addition, alcohol is contraindicated with the following medication: First-generation antipsychotics: Haldol, Navane, Moban, Loxatane Phenothiazines: Chlorpromazine, Thorazine, Prolixin, Trilafon Atypical and second-generation Olanzapine, Geodon, Risperdal antipsychotics: Abilify, Seroquel, Caffeine Caffeine mildly stimulates parts of the body and brain. It increases heart rate and blood pressure and is never recommended for individuals with bipolar disorder.

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As with many Texas state mandates treating gastritis with diet buy 2.5mg ditropan with mastercard, Closing the Gaps was mandatory, metrically-driven, highly prescriptive, and importantly: unfunded. The plan adopted a fifteen year performance window and assumed a natural growth of 200, 000 students in Texas higher education during that time period. In addition, the plan mandated an additional 300, 000 students for a net total of a half-million new college and university students by 2015 (Perez, 2008). The total enrollment target was later revised to 700, 000 students, reflecting the dramatic 20. For context, the increased enrollment alone is equal to thirteen times the size of the existing University of Texas at Austin student body. Close the Gaps in Participation by adding 500, 000 new students in state higher education institutions. Close the Gaps in Success by increasing the number of degrees/certificates by fifty percent. Close the Gaps in Excellence by increasing the number of nationallyrecognized programs. Goal One strategies focus primarily on adopting college-preparatory programs in Kindergarten-12th grades (primary and secondary education in the United States) with concomitant teacher training and an emphasis on student and parent counseling on the value of higher education. It also included a promise of financial aid "for every student with financial need" (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, "Closing the Gaps: the Texas Higher Education Plan", 2000). Goal Two strategies included financial incentives for colleges and universities to retain and graduate students (as opposed to simply having them enroll in -and pay for- classes). It also suggested a mandated college credit transfer protocol to ensure classes taken at one college or university in Texas could not be rejected at another state institution. The overall theme of the four Closing the Gaps goals was twofold: Goals One and Two were aimed at increasing minority participation and success by making higher education more accessible, affordable, and seamless. Goals Three and Four have no direct impact on ethnic or racial minority participation or success save the abstract (and somewhat indistinct) connection of increasing the brand appeal of their respective institutions. The Dual Credit initiative (whereby high school students could take courses at their local community college that would count for both high school and college/university credit) was implemented as a part of the Texas Education Code §28. Dual Credit allowed high school students to earn up to two years of college credit (State of Texas Education Code, 2014). Furthermore, the cost of dual credit courses may not even require out-of-pocket expenses, as some districts pay for their students to take dual credit courses (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, "Dual Credit-Frequently Asked Questions", 2014). Also, a tuition rebate program was implemented statewide which allowed students completing their degrees at Texas public universities in four years or less to qualify for a $1, 000 cash back award (College for All Texans, 2014). Under this plan, any student who took an official general education course at any institution was guaranteed that credit for that course would be transferable to any other institution in the state (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, "The Texas General Education Core WebCenter", 2014). In addition, institutions were incentivized by having part of their state funding formula tied to retention and completion rates. Taken as a package, the changes were cause for much initial optimism that higher education in Texas was about to become much more inclusive of formerly underrepresented populations. With such a rosy buildup, it would be difficult to imagine the Closing the Gaps initiative not succeeding. In general, this has turned out to be the case, but not without substantial hiccups and unintended consequences. So the state agency charged with making the changes is also responsible for assessing their own performance, as opposed to having an independent body review their progress. None of the thirty-eight reporting institutions registered negative enrollment values, a reflection of the fact that overall population among all racial and ethnic groups is rapidly rising in Texas. Likewise, every state-funded institution in Texas reported increased enrollments in Hispanic, white and black students. The state "flagship" institutions (University of Texas-Austin and Texas A&M University-College Station) both reported the biggest overall enrollment gains, but floundered on diversity. A&M-College Station, fared even worse, reaching just 18% and 3% of their state-mandated goals for Hispanic and black students, respectively. The Table below shows performance headcount figures for the five best and five worst performing institutions (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, "Institutional Rankings for Selected Accountability Measures", 2014). Best and Worst performing institutions for Hispanic headcount enrollment for the period 2000-2013 (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, "Closing the Gaps Progress Reports", 2014). Results shown in the Table above are consistent with virtually all demographic data on Hispanic students.

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Louis (November 12); Kansas City Auditorium (November 13); Huff Gymnasium gastritis diet natural order 5mg ditropan free shipping, UrbanaChampaign (November 14); Orchestra Hall, Chicago (November 15); Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland (November 16); Masonic Temple, Detroit (November 17); Auditorium Theatre, Rochester (November 17); Carnegie Hall, New York (November 22); National Guard Armory, Washington (November 23). Miles and Philly Joe had developed a calland-response style that Miles was expecting Clarke to engage in as well. Germain: Miles turned around to Kenny and rasped in the sandpaper whisper of his, "Kenny, how many mother-fucking times do I have to tell you­ when I go bap, you go bap-da-bapda-bap! The first session was for trumpeter Red Rodney and took place in Hackensack, New Jersey on November 22. The group was a quintet and the recordings were released as part of Red Rodney: 1957 on the Signal Record Label. This session has largely been unissued, but the recording was made for Atlantic Records. Two of the compositions were released on an album called Warne Marsh, 38 but the other three compositions that were recorded that day have never been released. Miles Davis returned to New York on December 20 and reunited with Joe and the rest of his band. The band played a one-week engagement at the Sutherland Mike Hennessey, Klook: the Story of Kenny Clarke, (London: Quartet Books, 1990), 130. The band would only have four days between their gigs in Chicago and an upcoming residency in New York. Red Garland had also returned to group and it is likely that Miles had welcomed Garland back for the December performances in Chicago. With the band intact, Miles immediately took the ensemble to the public: Birdland, New York (January 2-15); the Continental, New York (January 21-26). The second date was a Riverside date for Wynton Kelly on January 21, titled Wynton Kelly Quartet. Joe also participated in an undated recording session with the vocalist Bill Henderson Peter Losin, "Miles Ahead session details, ". Joe was prominently featured on the John Lewis/Dizzy Gillespie composition "Two Bass Hit, " which he had also recorded with the quintet in 1955. For drummers, Joe had also updated the typical up-tempo jazz drum-beat to lean heavily on beats two and four with the bass drum and side-sticked snare drum. In this, Joe sets up regular patterns only to turn the beat around and improvise the placement as well: 43 44 Riverside 612. John Riley, the Art of Bop Drumming, (New York: Manhattan Music Publications, 1994), 75. Following these concerts, Joe returned to New York to begin numerous recording sessions as a sideman. The personnel included Donald Byrd on trumpet, Pepper Adams on baritone saxophone, Kenny Drew on piano, and Wilbur Ware on bass. The second session that day was for pianist Thelonious Monk and featured the same musicians with the exception of Kenny Drew. Author Robin Kelley states that "Blakey was the intended drummer and they planned to pair Sonny Rollins and Griffin, but Keepnews blamed Monk for not contacting them. If it is the case that the session took place over the course of two days, then Joe had a second recording in New Jersey for Blue Note and organist Jimmy Smith on February 26. Again, it would not have been unheard of for Joe to do multiple recording sessions in one day. Joe claimed that "I was the most-recorded drummer in New York for about a ten- or twelve-year period. That is why Miles plays piano on the recording when he is not playing his trumpet. According to Peter Losin, Adderley lays out on all of the takes of "Little Melonae, " making the personnel the same as the 1955 recording. So, it may be possible that this was never actually recorded and there is a mix-up with the 1955 version, especially considering the fact that Red Garland was not present in the studio by the end of the day. The sextet was very busy touring/playing public performances and additional recordings sessions would have been difficult to schedule. This would be an important connection for Joe because the two men would share a lifelong friendship and performing association. Author Peter Pettinger claims that Evans had "received enticements from those already hooked.

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A cohort study of the prevalence and impact of comorbid medical conditions in pediatric bipolar disorder gastritis kefir buy generic ditropan 5 mg on-line. Major depressive disorder with subthreshold bipolarity in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Diagnostic conversions from major depressive disorder into bipolar disorder in an outpatient setting: results of a retrospective chart review. A closer look at treatment-resistant depression: is it due to a bipolar diathesis? Antidepressant-resistant depression and antidepressant-associated suicidal behaviour: the role of underlying bipolarity. Relationship of prior antidepressant exposure to long-term prospective outcome in bipolar I disorder outpatients. Overdiagnosis of bipolar disorder among substance use disorder inpatients with mood instability. Evaluating depressive symptoms in hypomanic and manic episodes using a structured diagnostic tool: validation of a new Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (M. Development and validation of a screening instrument for bipolar spectrum disorder: the Mood Disorder Questionnaire. Agitated "unipolar" depression re-conceptualized as a depressive mixed state: implications for the antidepressant­suicide controversy. Psychopathologic correlates of suicidal ideation in major depressive outpatients: is it all due to unrecognized (bipolar) depressive mixed states? The close link between suicide attempts and mixed (bipolar) depression: implications for suicide prevention. Olanzapine/fluoxetine combination for the treatment of mixed depression in bipolar I disorder: a post-hoc analysis. Trends in the psychopharmacological treatment of bipolar disorder: a nationwide register-based study. Antidepressants for bipolar depression: a systematic review of randomized, controlled trials. Correlates of treatmentemergent mania associated with antidepressant treatment in bipolar depression. Mixed depression: a study of its phenomenology and relation to treatment response. Effects of asenapine in bipolar I patients meeting proxy criteria for moderate to severe mixed major depressive episodes: a post-hoc analysis. Lurasidone in the treatment of bipolar depression with mixed (subsyndromal hypomanic) features: post hoc analysis of a randomized placebo-controlled trial. Lurasidone for the treatment of major depressive disorder with mixed features: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Efficacy of olanzapine monotherapy in the treatment of bipolar depression with mixed features. A 6-week randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of ziprasidone for the acute depressive mixed state. Two 6-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of ziprasidone in outpatients with bipolar I depression: did baseline characteristics impact trial outcome? Antidepressant-associated chronic irritable dysphoria (acid) in bipolar disorder: a case series. Impact of antidepressant continuation after acute positive or partial treatment response for bipolar depression: a blinded, randomized study. Levothyroxine effects on depressive symptoms and limbic glucose metabolism in bipolar disorder: a randomized, placebo-controlled positron emission tomography study. Supraphysiologic doses of levothyroxine as adjunctive therapy in bipolar depression: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. N-acetylcysteine in depressive symptoms and functionality: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The efficacy of N-acetylcysteine as an adjunctive treatment in bipolar depression: an open label trial. Omega-3 for bipolar disorder: meta-analyses of use in mania and bipolar depression.


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